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How can you help your clients to relax when they arrive for their massage therapy appointments?

When a client arrives, it can be relaxing for them to be greeted by soft music, a comfortably warm room and low lighting. It helps them know that this is a caring environment.

Another way to make clients feel more at ease is by helping them to relax their sense of smell. Certain smells can bring with them pleasant memories.  The right aroma can change how clients feel, and even help them to relax.

Aromatherapy is a great way to enhance your client’s massage therapy experience.

Aromatherapy uses the essential oils from plants. Aromatherapy can be used during a massage therapy appointment either by diffusing the oils in the air, or by adding them to a fragrance-free massage oil and applying them directly on the client’s skin.

Aromatherapy oils are very different from commercial fragrances. There are no chemicals or propellants added. Oils can be mixed to combine their healing and soothing properties, creating unique scents.

Massage therapists may use essential oils to help create a relaxing environment, and they may also use specific oils as a therapeutic tool that can address a client’s individual needs.

Essential oils can be used for clients to address a variety of ailments. For example, oil of rosemary or grapefruit can help people suffering from low energy by providing an energy boost. Individuals feeling depressed may benefit from the use of an uplifting scent like mandarin orange or pine.

The next time a client comes in, consider if he or she could benefit from aromatherapy as part of the massage therapy experience.




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