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Bamboo fusion massage incorporates the use of bamboo sticks during a massage therapy session. There are many benefits to using bamboo in massage, both for the client, and for the massage therapist.

One of the first massage therapists to develop a technique using bamboo for massage was Nathalie Cecilia. She is credited with creating bamboo fusion massage. She started using bamboo during massage sessions after experiencing severe pain in her thumbs and wrists. Using bamboo to massage clients took stress out of her thumbs and wrists and helped to alleviate her pain. Using bamboo also helps to give a client a deeper massage with more pressure when it is needed.

Bamboo fusion massage uses bamboo sticks and rattan of varying lengths and sizes. Each piece of bamboo or rattan is carefully hand-crafted and shaped to glide smoothly over the body.  The wide surface of the warm bamboo allows for a deeper and more effectual opening of the body’s fascia, muscle fibers, and connective tissue. Bamboo fusion allows the therapist to effectively adjust pressure, making it easier to give a client a deep tissue massage. Muscle tension and trigger points can be targeted using bamboo.

Bamboo sticks can be easily heated in a warming pad and then used to knead a client’s muscles. This helps to stretch the fascia in all directions. Various sizes of bamboo and rattan are heated to 110 – 120 degrees and used to warm the tissues; literally rolling away aches and pains. Bamboo is also very easy to clean. Some techniques incorporate the use of two smaller shorter pieces of bamboo, while other techniques require one longer bamboo stick.

Bamboo massage is a technique that makes use of a resource that is both renewable and sustainable. The use of bamboo also connects us to ancient healing techniques. Both therapists and clients benefit from the use of bamboo in a massage session. Bamboo can give a deeper tissue massage than a therapist’s touch alone, and the use of bamboo can help alleviate a massage therapist’s joint pain.

Bamboo fusion massage can be performed on a variety of body types and sizes; however this type of massage is not for everyone. If someone has a serious illness (such as HIV/AIDS, Lupus, or cancer), extremely sensitive skin, or osteoporosis, they should consider a more traditional type of massage or energy work, and should always consult with their medical treatment team prior to starting massage therapy.

We are offering a two-day Bamboo Fusion Massage class on January 16 & 17, 2016. This class is being taught by Nathalie Cecilia, Bamboo Fusion Founder. Contact us for details or to register.

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