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Bamboo Fusion massage is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue work. Some massage therapists combine elements of shiatsu, traditional Chinese medicine, Thai massage, and lymphatic drainage into their techniques. Bamboo sticks are usually heated and essential oils are incorporated into the massage.

bambooBamboo massage promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage. This type of massage can provide a deep relaxation.

An additional benefit of this type of massage is that the massage therapist uses bamboo sticks, which helps to reduce stress and strain on hands and fingers. The use of bamboo allows for deeply penetrating massage.

Bamboo massage is also called Bamboo Fusion or Tian di Bamboo Massage. Nathalie Cecilia, a certified Thai massage therapist, is credited as being one of the first people to develop a bamboo massage technique specifically for clients here in the United States. Cecilia developed new ways to use bamboo sticks in massage, including using sticks of different lengths and compositions, which is now known as Bamboo Fusion massage. She created an entire massage routine using bamboo and rattan of different shapes and sizes. She found that using the bamboo helped to alleviate the pain she was experiencing in her hands and wrists while giving a massage.

Massage therapists can learn to effectively palpate the bamboo and adjust pressure to give deep tissue massage effectively. This helps to alleviate muscle tension and discomfort in clients. Bamboo fusion massage uses warm bamboo sticks. The bamboo sticks are frequently used with a massage oil or cream for added comfort for clients.

Bamboo massage uses techniques and materials that make use of a renewal and sustainable resource…bamboo. Bamboo massage reconnects us to ancient healing practices and reduces stress on the hands and joints of massage therapists.

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