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This time of the year can be difficult for many people. Shorter days and the demands of the busy holiday season can leave the best of us feeling overextended, both at work, and at home.

Having the ability to recognize the warning signs of “burnout” before they take over your life can help you recharge and bounce back with ease and renew your passion for both your work and the time you spend with family and friends.

Half the burnout battle is being able to recognize the symptoms soon enough so you can be proactive about dealing with and treating its causes. Although the signs of burnout do vary from person to person, there are some pretty straightforward symptoms that you can be on the lookout for.

Exhaustion: If you are constantly tired, you might be experiencing one of the first signs of burnout. You may find yourself “going through the motions” throughout your day because not only do you feel physically tired, you also may feel both emotionally and mentally depleted.

Difficulty Getting Motivated: If you have a hard time getting (and staying) motivated, you could be at the start of burnout. Do you have trouble “getting going” in the morning or all of a sudden dread going to work? Then you might be affected by burnout.

Irritability: You might notice that you are arguing more with a friend or family member than before. If you are feeling more conflict both at work and at home, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the physical and emotional demands of the busy holiday season.

The Solution: Massage therapy may be one of the best stress relievers for you during this hectic time of the year. Massage has been shown to relieve stress and muscle tension. These are symptoms that are often caused by too strenuous of a personal or work schedule.  Massage therapy addresses both the physical manifestations of stress, as well as emotional ones. Massage relieves pain and muscle tension, and can also help to calm the mind and promote a sense of well-being and wholeness. And best of all, a massage appointment can easily fit into your overloaded holiday planning schedule.

Regularly schedule a massage therapy appointment during this hectic time of the year, followed by a weekly coffee break with friends. Keep that appointment scheduled in your weekly agenda, just as you would keep a business appointment with an important client.

The signs of burnout can be subtle, and can creep up on you during any time of the year, with little or no warning. Know how to recognize the symptoms of burnout and stress, and take action. Schedule a massage – it’s a great gift…for YOU!

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