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Massage therapy is helpful to achieve energy flow to the abdominal region. This can work to alleviate a client’s pain and discomfort.  This can benefit clients that are experiencing issues with digestion.

Abdominal massage can also help to relieve uncomfortable abdominal symptoms that are caused by stress and anxiety.

Massage has many healthful benefits, including helping a client to unwind. Stomach massage can alleviate gas and digestive issues, as well as strengthen underlying muscle tissue.

Anxiety and stress can often lead to that feeling of having a “knot” in the stomach. Along with that uneasy feeling, many times clients may experience abdominal aches accompanied by gas and pain. The soothing effect of stomach massage can help to alleviate these painful symptoms, as well as decrease the overall feeling of stress, helping clients feel more relaxed.

Abdominal massage stimulates internal organs, including the gall bladder and liver. Increased blood and oxygen flow to those areas may help to improve organ function.  Improved function of the gall bladder and liver means more efficient release and removal of waste products, and improved blood circulation benefits the blood vessels of the entire abdomen.

Stomach massage stimulates the digestive system, but can also help the colon in moving waste through the system to alleviate constipation.

In addition to helping with digestion issues and stress-related abdominal pain, stomach massage can work to strengthen weak and relaxed abdominal muscles. Massage can release deep muscle spasms, and promote internal heat which can assist in breaking down adhesions or scar tissue.

Reflexology also helps with massage techniques to aid digestion. By doing a relaxing foot massage at the end of the massage therapy treatment, working on the reflexology points can stimulate energy flow to aid a client’s digestion.

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