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We recently discussed the opportunities that massage therapists are now finding  in the medical field. One such great opportunity is to partner with a chiropractor. Chiropractic offices may need massage therapists on staff to help clients in managing their pain.

Doctors of chiropractic are finding that offering massage therapy as part of a chirporactic treatment plan is a beneficial addition to their realm of services. While these types of massage therapy positions may only be part-time, they often can fit into your current massage therapy client schedule at your practice.

Massage and chiropractic care have been coined the “dynamic duo” of alternative healthcare.   There are ways that massage therapists can integrate themselves into the clinical environment of the chiropractic office.

Presentation: Present yourself and your work in a highly professional manner.   Be confident and communicate how massage is contributing to the healing process of your clients.

Team: Realize that you are part of an overall treatment team in a chiropractic office, and learn the treatment philosophy and staff dynamics. Be a team player.  Strive for open communication with colleagues in order to provide the best care possible to the clients.

Flexibility: You may be asked to do short warm-up massage routines, working on clients through their clothes, or doing massage on lower tables – be flexible, as long as it does not compromise your health as a massage therapist.

Knowledge: Take additional anatomy training or advanced bodywork courses that focus on the conditions that you’ll see on a day to day basis in a chiropractic office.

Opportunity: If you’re allowed to see your private clients in the office or recruit chiropractic patients for your private practice – do so, just make sure first that this is not against policy.

Applying your massage therapy skills at a chiropractor’s office can be a positive career-building experience!

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