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Now that we’re nearing the end of 2015, let’s take a look at some of the massage and spa trends that have been apparent over the course of this year. These trends continue to grow and should be just as popular among massage therapy clients in 2016.

The spa experience is now more accessible than ever. People are still frequenting massage spas to manage stress, but they’re also looking to take a “time out” to disconnect and recharge. Clients are looking for more than just pampering. They want to learn how to take better care of themselves after they leave their massage appointments.

In 2015, there was continued growth in treatments and services that are personalized to the needs of each client.  Clients can customize their own scents and oils, and choose the focus of facials and other treatments.

Another growing trend is the number of men who choose to get a massage. Men are becoming more open to the massage and spa experience because they recognize the value of taking better care of themselves. What are men looking for? Primarily stress relief and pain relief.

Another trend that will continue to grow is the clients’ need for time. Nobody seems to have enough of it. Many massage therapists and spas are now offering express treatments.  Some spas now offer treatments that are 30 minutes or less. Spas now have expanded hours and times that are more convenient for busy clients. Some spas open as early as 6 or 7am and stay open as late as 10pm in order to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.

How does an early morning massage, mini-facial or other spa treatment sound? Any interest in a ‘Girls Night Out’ or group outing that’s centered around feeling good? Many clients look to book massage sessions with a group of friends, and schedule spa treatments for their entire group. Massage and spas have become much more social in nature.   As people continue to work lonely, extended hours, they reconnect with their group of friends at their massage spa.

And remember when spas simply had a single designated corner to display candles, oils, and other small items available to purchase? Those days are long gone. After people come in and have a treatment, they’re relaxed, feeling great, and in the mood to buy. It makes good business sense to have a wide range of massage lotions and oils, and even clothing, ready for purchase to take home.

Consumers are no longer just treatment-oriented. They ask questions and look to extend the benefits of their massage and spa appointments. Clients also seek customized programs so that they can incorporate what they’ve learned at their sessions in their daily life.

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