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A great way to enhance your massage therapy sessions is by adding on spa treatments. Adding spa services to massage can take a client’s massage experience from good to great.

Spa treatments used during massage sessions can lull clients into a deep state of relaxation. Dry brushing, exfoliating, foot soaks, sugar scrubs, paraffin dips, and mud masks are just some of the special services that can be added to take a massage to a new level.

The same clients that go on vacations to resort spas will be your first clients wanting spa add-on treatments during their massage sessions. People travel to spas on vacations so they can let go, relax, and return home restored. They are looking for an escape from everyday life stresses.

Now you can offer clients a respite from their hectic daily lives without them having to book an expensive resort vacation. A massage therapy session with added spa techniques can help clients to totally relax and leave appointments refreshed and invigorated. You can give your clients the feeling that they are actually away on a short vacation, during their regular massage appointment.

Clients may also want to continue their spa treatments at home after leaving massage sessions. Any time you consider a spa add-on to a massage, consider what takeaways you can give your client. Is there a part of the treatment that they can take home with them to continue the health and wellness benefits on their own?

When talking to clients about using spa techniques at home, you can offer tools for sale like body brushes, mud masks, and sugar scrubs, that they can purchase to take home. This gives you the opportunity to make an easy retail sale, one that gives your client a great at-home tool, and all at a reasonable price.

It can also be beneficial to offer special packages to entice clients to give spa treatments a try. Try adding something to massage in a way that clients will want to get more out of the treatment with that special offer. For example, add a small additional cost to the regular price of a massage and package in exfoliation as a spring or summer special. You could even give a complimentary exfoliation to clients booking a massage on a specific day of the week or at a specific time of day if you need to boost up your number of appointments in that time frame.

Get ready to add spa treatments to your massage therapy options. Your clients will thank you for it. They will leave their appointments more refreshed and relaxed than ever before.

We are holding a Spa Treatments Class on May 22 from 9:30am-6pm. This is a very hands-on class, so be prepared to have fun! Contact us for more information or to register.

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