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Reiki can increase the effectiveness of massage. Using Reiki during a massage therapy session treats the client holistically on all levels instead of just addressing physical ailments.

Treating a client holistically is the way of the future. Incorporating Reiki and massage helps to bring more peace into each client’s life (and ultimately into the world).

Reiki is truly a benefit to both therapist and client. When the two are combined together there are positive results for both giver and receiver. Reiki allows the therapist to work more effortlessly because the energy comes from universal life force. Once the energy flows to the client, it goes right to where the blockage is and works to unblock it.

A client’s muscles may release and relax faster and easier when combining Reiki and massage. Reiki can work on many levels to enhance a client’s well-bring. Reiki focuses on clearing the energy centers, which promotes deeper healing and energy release.

Using Reiki helps a therapist to maintain his or her own energy and not drain energy reserve while doing massage.  Therapists can also use Reiki as self-care to help energy blockages they may experience on their joints from doing massage, such as on the shoulders, elbows and wrists.

We are holding a Reiki II course on August 21st from 9am to 6pm with Jenn Murphy, LMT, Reiki Master.

This course is intended for the individual who has already completed Reiki I and has a basic understanding of the Healing Power of Reiki. A Reiki II attunement will give the practitioner an opportunity to enhance the Reiki Energy on a greater level.

You will learn the Sacred Symbols that can be used for specific healing purposes. Level II also imparts you with the power to send healing energy to people and events who are not around you (Distant Healing).

This Reiki II course will provide more advanced approaches which will equip you to help others. Please allow 21 days in between your attunements, as this is a healing and cleansing time for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

For more information and to register, please visit the education page on our website.


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