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Have you ever wanted to take your massage to the next level? When you offer additional spa treatments you can really lull your clients into a blissful state of relaxation!

These brutal temperatures and this harsh winter weather cause all sorts of ailments for clients, including exhaustion, achy muscles, sinus headaches, depression, lethargy and sluggishness. Clients also often suffer from dry, cracked and peeling skin and lips.

Let’s face it, when it’s in the single digits outside and you’re stuck inside, you can’t help but feel the winter blahs weaken your spirit. Even if for a few hours, a little pampering can refresh and invigorate you. These uplifting treatments will make the bitter temperatures a bit more tolerable for your clients.

Aromatherapy: Incorporation of aromatherapy oils into spa treatments helps to address ailments from depression to low energy.

Acupressure Foot Massage:  When the weather turns colder, acupressure foot massage can help to rejuvenate energy and wellness throughout the body by targeting pressure points.

Heated Body Wrap: Wrapping a client in a heated body wrap while the face and neck are massaged can help to alleviate sore and achy muscles, while the massage can relieve sinus and tension headaches and neck aches.

Moisturizing Masks: Treatment masks are able to moisturize dehydrated winter skin in these drying, cold months. Rich mask treatments can moisturize like nothing else can. After applying the mask and leaving it on while the client receives a massage, they can end their session with refreshed and softer skin.

Eye Patches: If a client suffers from a bad night’s sleep or puffiness from sinus ailments, eye patches may reduce puffiness and eliminate under-eye circles quickly during a massage treatment. Vitamins and botanicals in eye patches work to brighten dark shadows and wake up tired skin, and can work in just 20 minutes.

Additional Treatments:  Spa add-on treatments that can also bring added benefits to the massage experience include dry brushing and exfoliating, foot soaks, sugar scrubs, paraffin dips, and mud masks.

Incorporating one, or a few of these treatments, can take your client’s massage to the next level and help him or her to feel much better during this harsh winter weather.



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