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Did you know that there is a Code of Ethics for professional massage therapists? The Code of Ethics is a statement of the standard of conduct that defines ethical behavior for practicing massage therapists.

Following a Code of Ethics shows that as a massage therapist, you are aware of, and committed to, upholding the high standard of practice for your profession.

In order to become a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, as well as other professional massage therapy organizations, you must follow the Code of Ethics in order to become, and continue to hold membership in these associations.

Following professional ethics is for your own protection as a massage therapist, as well as for the protection of your clients. Think of ethics as a set of rules you must follow in your professional work. Ethics ensure that you conduct all activities within the scope of practice and follow all legal and regulatory requirements of your profession. Following ethical practices ensures that you are providing the best service for your clients, and protecting your own professional interests.

A few of the many areas of professional ethics include: professionalism, legal and ethic requirements, confidentiality, business practices, roles and boundaries, and prevention of sexual misconduct.
Does this sound confusing or overwhelming to figure out how to best follow all ethical standards? We can help! In fact, you will need to have CEU’s in Ethics in order to renew your license.

We are offering an Ethics Class on July 27. This class will address some of the professional development issues including the scope of practice for the massage professional, ethical conduct and standards of practice for massage professionals and the therapeutic relationship. Ethics and professionalism have a unique language. We will also review, clarify and discuss transference, counter transference, standards of practice, ethical behavior and decision making as well as the reputable licensed massage therapist.

This class is a requirement for renewing licenses in January 2015. Contact us for details or to register at 610-705-4401.

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