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Spring is definitely here! The recent weather is positive proof of that. During the month of April, one of the observances celebrated is Earth Day. In fact, April 22, 2015 is the 45th anniversary of this national observance. What can you do this month to take positive steps to help the environment? You can start by thinking about how green (or not) your massage therapy business actually is.

You’ve probably already started airing out and freshening up your home this spring, but what about your work space? When you spring clean your work area this time around, take a few simple steps and green clean them as well! Trying to focus on more earth-friendly practices should not be too difficult, as there always seem to be healthier and better alternatives.

An easy start to a greener workplace is to take a closer look at how you light your business. A fast fix is to replace your old lightbulbs with energy smart ones. If you use candles in your massage area, make sure that they burn cleanly or replace old-fashioned candles with rechargeable ones. You’ll save money in energy expenses and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. It’s a win-win.

Another area to “green” is your massage table. What kind of sheets do you use on your massage table? Switching to microfiber sheets will benefit your client and your business. Clients will appreciate the lightweight feel of the microfiber, and the sheets will have a much faster drying time when washed. This saves energy in the process, and saves you time. A microfiber sheet can dry in as little as 10 minutes.

Here are a few other areas of your massage therapy business that can benefit from a greener approach:

Paraffin Treatments: Paraffin alternatives may actually cost less than $1 per treatment, and can help to reduce the more than hundreds of tons of paraffin residue that ends up in landfills. Paraffin alternatives can also be used as a massage lubricant, reducing the need for additional products, and helping to eliminate even more waste.

Massage Oils and Lotions: When purchasing oils, lotions and creams to use in your massage treatments, look for products that are plant and seed derived. They should be paraben-free, petroleum-free and sulfate free. It’s even better if they come in environmentally friendly packaging and are manufactured at companies with sustainable business practices in place.

Hot Stone Massage: Stone warmers use a lot of electricity throughout the day. They also waste a lot of water with the constant filling up, draining and refilling. Self-heating stones may be a smarter choice. Self-heating stones use a rechargeable battery that with a 60 second charge can go 60 to 90 minutes, saving on your resources. The only potential drawback is that the self-heating stones cannot be used as placement stones and must stay in motion.

Waxing: If waxing is a part of your services, there are soy-based products that offer the same results as traditional wax, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. These alternatives are actually available at a fraction of the cost of traditional waxes. With energy efficient heaters and lower melting points, this makes for a great energy saving alternative.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to “think green” with your massage therapy business. Taking small steps to reduce your business’s impact on the environment is relatively easy to do.

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