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Hypnotherapy and massage therapy can be a winning combination for clients!

Sometimes referred to as hypno massage, this practice integrates the techniques of hypnotherapy, massage therapy and often other modalities such as hot stone massage. This combination can help clients to benefit from the total relaxation of a deep massage, combined with hypnotherapy directives of comfort and safety. This can lead the client to a deeper understanding of issues they may be facing, such as weight gain, pain management, or other issues.

Massage therapy produces its own psychological effects of deep relaxation. Adding a technique such as hot stone massage can help to deepen this effect. Complementing massage therapy with hypnotherapy helps to induce an altered state of consciousness in the client so that changes and affirmations for change can be made.

While in this heightened sense of body awareness the massage therapist will suggest a variety of methods for healing the emotions, mental responses, physical problems and spiritual needs for the client to absorb into their subconscious. These changes can be maintained after the session is completed.

Stresses and strains of everyday life can create problems within our bodily systems which are often stored as aches and pains or internally as migraines or depression. These may all be alleviated through the psychological benefits of the combined therapies.

A complete medical history should be obtained from a client prior to starting hypnotherapy to ensure that this is a safe alternative for him or her.

Follow-up sessions should include discussion of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes since the prior appointment.



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