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Last week we talked about whether it was okay to ever fire a client. Now let’s consider how you can get more clients into your massage therapy practice. A few things to consider when planning on growing your client list…

Website: Is it current? Is it easy to navigate? Is the info presented relevant? Is there a reason for site visitors to return? Is it updated on a regular basis? Do all of your links work?

Social Media: Is your social media current? You don’t want a potential client to see your Facebook page and see that your last post is from 2014. The assumption could be that you are no longer in business. Also, are your posts well-written? Do your best to proof what you write before posting. Most importantly, are people engaging on your social media? Are they commenting, posting, liking, or sharing what you write? That means they are actually paying attention! Social media is all about engagement. High engagement gets your updates to the top of your follower’s newsfeeds.

E-Mail Marketing: Do you keep your e-mail database current? Are you sending out relevant emails or are you sending out so much “stuff” that people unsubscribe because they think you are spamming them?

If you want to be noticed amidst all of the online clutter, you need to make a good offer. A good offer can turn your website and social media traffic into clients. The offer should ideally be something free. This entices visitors to join your mailing list, getting them closer to becoming part of your regular client base. Update the offer on a regular basis to keep people engaged.

When creating your offer, appeal to your specific audience (for example, people who suffer from back pain). Offer a very specific benefit or solution to a very specific problem (for example, massage therapy has been shown to relieve back and neck pain). You need to know who you are targeting and what problem(s) you are solving.

Second, keep your offer simple. Don’t confuse your website or social media visitors by making the offer too complex to easily understand.

Finally, increase the perceived value of your offer so that visitors to your site or social media will convert to become clients, or at minimum, will sign up for your mailing list. The higher the perceived value, the better the conversions will be. You can do this by modifying the name, adding some images or increasing what your deliverables are.  For example, an offer could be “Suffering from back pain? Find relief with massage therapy! Your first session is FREE! Call or e-mail us to schedule.”

Your online offer can help potential clients consider booking your massage therapy services, which will help them to become comfortable with the idea of becoming a client of your practice. Your offer is a great way to get new visitors to know, like and trust you as an expert massage therapist and someone they want to book massage sessions with.

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