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Energywork is a collection of healing modalities that use positive energy to promote healing in the body, heart, mind and spirit.

A massage therapist using energywork knows that there is electromagnetic energy flowing around and through the body in very specific currents, sometimes called meridians, and present in the energy field around the body, referred to as a person’s aura.

When energy currents are disrupted, an imbalance or blockage can occur in the body. If the blockage persists, it can manifest itself in a person as pain or even disease.

There are many types of energywork currently in use in massage therapy. Each type has a different approach. Some of these modalities include Reiki, resonance therapyjin shin, pranic healing, crystal healing, color healing, shamanic healing, and homeopathy.

In a typical energywork session, the therapist learns about the client and events in their life that could possibly affect energy flow. After assessing the client, the energyworker prepares to send healing energy by centering and grounding him or herself. This allows access to high-vibrational frequencies that the therapist will send to the client.

The client’s energy system and physical body respond to these frequencies through resonance. This enables the client’s cells to access more energy, which gives cells the ability to dispose of toxins, whether physical or emotional. Clients usually feel full of energy, relaxed, happy and peaceful after the energywork session.

Many therapists combine energywork with massage sessions to balance out the treatment. Massage therapists can benefit from using energywork in addition to their massage techniques. Clients release energy, often continuously, throughout the massage. People store their emotions, memories, beliefs and thoughts in their energy system, and massage allows them to come up to be released. When energywork is done with massage, this combination creates a powerful healing session for the client. Using energywork also boosts the massage therapist’s energy level.

Energywork has been shown to successfully handle issues like overcoming fear, speeding recovery from surgery, healing pain over loss, healing during radiation or chemo, and releasing intense negative emotions.

We are holding an Energy Class on September 25 from 9am-5:30pm. Please contact us for more information or visit our website to register.  

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