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Millions of Americans suffer from scoliosis, a condition that causes an abnormal curve of the spine. Depending on the severity of the scoliosis, a person’s quality of life can become seriously impacted.

Health issues from scoliosis can include musculature back pain, arthritis, difficulty breathing, sciatica, headaches and insomnia.

Scoliosis pain can impact people not just physically, but also psychologically. Mild scoliosis can cause muscle tightness, pain, and physical limitations, detracting from quality of life, and at times, leading to depression and lethargy. Studies are showing that individuals with mild scoliosis may benefit in part from massage therapy to help ease pain.

Massage therapy is known to be used for rehabilitation from sports injury, stress reduction, pain relief, and as an aid to general wellness and relaxation. Not many people may know that deep tissue massage has been used for years to help clients find some relief from the pain of scoliosis.

Massage helps to stretch tight muscles in the back and shoulders, helping clients to lose tension in those areas, and lessen pain. Massage also helps to improve circulation to aid in blood flow to painful areas of the back. Massage helps to increase flexibility and foster healing and strengthening in the muscles that are impacted.

Clients with scoliosis may find positive outcomes not just physically, but also emotionally, after receiving deep tissue massage.

Massage on clients with scoliosis should only be performed after clearance from the client’s physician that massage is indicated for their condition.  Massage therapy is not intended to fix or stop curvature of the spine. Rather, massage is an option to be used for pain management, increased mobility, and the reduction of scoliosis-related symptoms.

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