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Massage for sports injuries is a great way of taking care of injuries resulting from athletic activities. Massage therapy is an important part of athlete training and is usually included in modern sports training plans. Athletes and trainers believe that regular therapeutic massage can provide the extra edge required for high performance.

Massage therapy can help an athlete to avoid sports injuries as well as reach peak performance. If however an injury does occur, massage for sports injuries has become an increasingly popular alternative therapy of treatment. Regular exercise increases muscular endurance and strength, improves flexibility and respiratory function and enhances heart efficiency. The body adapts gradually to the demand of physical activities. This is as a result of conditioning.

Conditioning involves several phases: the tearing down phase where the body is pushed to its limit; the recovery phase where the body rebuilds itself, and, lastly, the build-up phase where the systems adapt to the new demands placed on the body. Massage for sports injuries is an effective way of treating injuries that occur in the tearing down phase. Massage for sports injuries not only concentrates on sports injuries that have occurred, but can also help prevent injuries. Massage therapy that is administered after a strenuous training session helps to return muscles to their relaxed state.

Massage for sports injuries is usually used when treating sprains and strains. Massage is also used in the treatment of sports injuries that are commonly known as trigger points, which are commonly thought of as knots in the muscles, or points of tension. Trigger points are painful to the touch. Massage for sports injuries help relieve the tension in these knots by helping to relax the muscle groups involved.

Massage allows athletes to heal faster from injuries by improving circulation to the injured area. Massage also increases flexibility and the range of motion of athletes, reducing the occurrence of injuries.

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