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Make your holiday shopping easier. If you still aren’t finished with your shopping, you can check
people off your list by picking up a gift card. Sounds easy, but sometimes it can be hard to
figure out what kind of gift card to give…clothing store? restaurant? gas card? grocery card?

Give a one-size-fits-all gift card to everyone on your list…a gift card for a massage at the
Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks! The holidays can be a busy and stressful time,
and after Christmas has past, a massage is a great way to destress and feel rejuvenated after
the hustle and bustle.

We offer affordable massage therapy and convenient hours. You can give a gift card that costs
only $35, and that will treat someone on your gift list to a one hour massage!

In our massage clinic, one hour massages are only $35, and 90 minute massages are
$50. Massage certificates make great gifts for family and friends! Finish off your holiday gift list
by picking up some gift certificates…while you get a massage to alleviate your own stress and
fatigue! Call now to make a massage appointment at 610-705-4401 or stop by to pick up some
gift certificates! There’s only a few shopping days left until Christmas!

At our massage clinic, our students are able to gain valuable experience as part of their
curriculum. Students have scheduled hours in our massage clinic to provide and practice
massage therapy. Our massage rates are very reasonable, and we have hours that work to fit
your schedule and availability.

If you know someone who always thought about getting a massage, but weren’t sure, our
massage clinic is an option. Since our prices are reasonable, they won’t be paying out a hefty
fee for a massage. It’s a great way to give massage therapy a try, without breaking the bank.

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