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There are many different energetic components to massage. Massage to balance and enhance life energy focuses on chakras during the massage session. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies. The roots of healing, thousands of years ago, focused on traditional energy healing practices. The Hindu seven chakra system is one of the most well-known in use today.

During chakra balancing massage, clients open their arms and legs to help life energy flow freely.  The massage therapist helps the client to focus on their life energy and see their own unique energy pattern.

After focusing on that pattern, the therapist and client work on how to properly correct any energy imbalances that are present, through guided energy meditation and chakra balancing massage. This can assist the client in emotional and physical healing.

There are chakras, or energy centers, located throughout the body. Some of the benefits of a chakra balancing massage include a deeper awareness of self, deeper relaxation and relief, and a clearing of the mind so that it is not so cluttered, enabling the client to focus and feel calmer. Working with chakras can also lead to feeling more energy and joy, promoting wellness, and lessening pain.

In some instances, chakra balancing has been shown to help with chronic health problems, weight problems, and stress, enabling clients to better deal with challenging issues that they may be facing. As chakras become balanced, a person’s ability to live life more effortlessly and joyfully is possible.

We are holding an Energy Class on May 13 from 9am-5:30pm. In this class, we will explore some of the holistic modalities that can amplify your practice. You will be able to blend Eastern and Western techniques. Each student will have an understanding of the Chakra system and learn how to use this energy for yourself and your clients.

We will discuss energy transference and how to ground and clear our space so we can be more productive. We will also explore meditation and visualization to help students become the best therapist they can be. This is a very interactive, high energy, fun class.

Please contact us for more information or to register.

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