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If you thought massage therapy was just for pampering yourself, or for occasional stress relief, think again…

Massage therapists are now part of many health care clinics, nursing and rehabilitation centers, physical therapy practices, hospitals and other medical facilities.

In the past, massage therapy was often viewed as what you did when you went to a spa or resort. It was even thought of as something you got occasionally as a special treat for yourself.

Times have changed!  Massage therapy has significant health benefits that continue to be documented by solid clinical research. Massage helps to lower blood pressure, increase circulation, reduce stress, provide pain relief, and much more.

Often, doctors now refer their patients to massage therapists as part of their overall health plan. This is good news for massage therapists, and for students currently enrolled in massage therapy school.

The demand for professionals in the medical field is predicted to expand as baby boomers continue to age. As massage therapists become a more valued part of the health care system, their employment prospects expand as well.

In order to successfully become a massage therapist working in a medical or therapeutic setting, a massage therapist must be able to function as a professional in a medical environment. It’s important to understand medical terminology and clinical protocol. This will enable a massage therapist to become a valued professional part of a health care team.

The medical benefits of massage therapy are creating many more opportunities for massage therapists to expand their careers, or to make the transition into working in a health care environment.

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