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Sports massage isn’t just for runners and race day. Yes, some runners schedule massage therapy sessions in preparation for a big marathon, but often, athletes schedule massage appointments to help loosen tight muscles and prevent injury.

Many athletes also schedule massage appointments because they are in pain – everything from hamstring strains to knee issues to plantar fasciitis to hip and groin discomfort.

Not everyone is a marathon runner, but regardless, massage therapy can benefit anyone, of any age, who participates in a regular exercise program. This includes weight training at the gym, taking yoga or Pilates classes, or simply walking longer distances several times a week.

Professional athletes are proof positive that massage therapy works to help performance. Regular massage is part of their ongoing wellness programs to keep them in top performance shape. In fact, many professional athletes and sports teams keep massage therapists on the payroll. Professional athletes typically get massages for specific work (such as groin pain, hamstring strain, tight hip flexors). The goal is to speed injury recovery, relieve excessive muscle tightness and increase range of motion, all of which lead to better performance.

Combining your exercise routine with regular massage therapy will enable you to experience positive, tangible benefits as well. Think preventative maintenance! Massage can enhance your workout performance and assist you in making the most of your workouts year round.

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