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After Blizzard Jonas hit our area this past weekend, many people spent several days shoveling their sidewalks and driveways and digging out their cars.

What does this have to do with massage therapy?

Improperly shoveling snow can wreak havoc on your back, causing muscle aches and soreness, and even potentially causing serious injury. If you are in good shape physically, as long as you use proper techniques you can avoid injuring your body when shoveling snow.

It’s important to take breaks and not overexert yourself. Make sure to bend with your knees when you lift the snow, not with your back.
Repeated bending of your back can strain your muscles, and when added to the weight of lifting heavy shovelfuls of snow, you can be at serious risk of injury.

Shoveling snow uses muscles that people don’t really use much during the spring, summer and fall. Shoveling snow can make your body very sore. If you find that after a day or so the pain does not lessen or wear off, it’s time to seek relief.

A visit to the massage therapist can get you feeling better and help with alleviation of pain. If pain is severe, call your physician first to make sure you don’t have a muscle tear or severe strain.

An appointment with your massage therapist may be all you need to help relieve any back or shoulder pain resulting from snow shoveling.

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