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Millions of people around the world play sports and exercise regularly. The full range of active people, from professional athletes to someone just starting a walking program for health benefits, can benefit from the therapeutic effects of sports massage.

Exercise is recommended for athletes and beginning exercisers.  Intense physical exercise can often put strain on the body and cause muscle pain and fatigue.

Sports massage can be used to help improve athletic performance, speed recovery, and can be used by anyone who participates in any athletic or exercise program. Sports massage can help improve conditioning and maintain peak performance.

Many professional and college sports programs use massage therapists. In fact, sports massage has been used for many years by athletes. In relation to athletics and exercise, sports massage can reduce muscle tension, help athletes monitor muscle tone, promote relaxation, increase range of motion, improve soft tissue function, and support muscle recovery.

Massage can also help to restore heart rate and blood pressure after high-intensity exercise, decrease muscle stiffness and fatigue, improve exercise performance, reduce swelling, reduce breathing pattern disorders, and enhance athletic performance. Massage therapy can also help prevent injuries when massage is received regularly.Sports Massage 2

All individuals who participate in exercise or sports programs can benefit from massage therapy.

We will be offering a Sports Massage class on November 14th and 15th from 9am-4:30pm. Please contact us for additional information or to register for this class.


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