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Table Thai Massage uses a fusion of Eastern techniques. Table Thai is a modality that’s safe, effective, fun to perform, and often requested by clients.

Table Thai allows you to perform techniques with less strain and a reduced risk of injury. You will not need to climb onto the table or floor to offer traditional Thai techniques. You can use a natural rocking motion to avoid the stretch reflex, allowing your clients to relax and move with you. This allows you to leverage your body weight, giving you momentum to power the massage without strain.

Traditional Thai massage involves an enormous amount of thumb and palm pressing, but Table Thai does not rely heavily on these common areas of repetitive injury. You’ll instead use your knuckles, fists, forearms, and knees to deliver a safe and effective massage.

Table Thai offers a host of benefits for your clients. It includes range of motion techniques that increase flexibility and reduce joint pain, making it a great option for athletes and elderly clients.

You can offer a no oil, fully clothed option if this would make a client more comfortable and at ease. In addition, Table Thai can be combined with your other modalities to offer the ultimate in therapeutic massage.

We are offering a Table Thai class on November 8 and 9 from 9am-5pm. Learn how to incorporate a fully clothed session into your everyday practice – perfect for those who are afraid of disrobing for a full body massage. You’ll learn about the Sen Lines (energy meridian pathways), breathing techniques to assist with movement for both the practitioner and client, a variety of techniques that are usually done with a traditional Thai mat (but on the table). This class will work the therapist’s hands, legs, knees and feet while working with the client in the supine, prone and sideline position.

Please contact us for more information or to register for this two day class, or register online at

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