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Fluid body massage therapy can address body ailments; help to relax the mind, and more! Fluid body techniques use exercises of the body to help both the mind and body, while encouraging the self-healing process.

Fluid body massage can be deeply effective on stress related issues and general muscle pain. This type of massage also promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing. It stimulates the points of the meridian system and enhances the blood and lymph circulation, encouraging smoother energy flow.

If your clients lead stressful lives, work at a desk or are on their feet all day at their job, then fluid body massage techniques can help relieve simple daily illnesses or old injury pain with the aim of improving a client’s overall wellbeing.

Stretching exercises are one of the main components of fluid body massage. These stretching exercises stimulate the energy channels working to restore energy level, rejuvenate organs, and improve tissue and skin appearance.

Stretching helps to alleviate stress, build lean muscle mass, and realign the spine. These techniques also improve flexibility, and tone and elongate the body without intense workout regimens.

Fluid body techniques have been shown to help with chronic back pain and stiffness. This type of massage can also help restore balance to emotional wellbeing.

We are holding a Fluid Body – Breath & Movement class on October 17 from 1-7:30pm.

This class will be taught by Anita DeFrancesco, M.A., LMT, E-RYT, RT (2 time award winning medical journalist). In this cutting edge and experiential class students will learn somatics through movement, dance and breathing therapies.

Through your own body you will explore, experience, and embody change, sensation and emotion on a physical level and develop a sharper intuition of awareness.

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