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Help your clients to feel even more refreshed and rejuvenated during their massage sessions by offering body wraps as one of your specialty services. Body wraps were originally used to help people reach their weight-loss goals. More recently, body wraps have emerged as a spa treatment to help release toxins and nourish the skin.

Today, body wraps are a popular spa treatment during a massage appointment. After the client’s skin is cleansed and exfoliated with use of a salt scrub (a mixture of sea salt and oils rubbed on the body) or dry brushing (which involves brushing the body with a body brush that has natural bristles) to remove any layers of dead skin cells, they are then covered in a body mask.

There are different types of body wraps. Some frequently used masks include seaweed, algae, clay, mud, or lotion, depending on the specific treatment. After the wrap is applied, the client’s body is wrapped for about 20 minutes to keep them warm.

Once the body wrap is removed, the mask is washed off and the treatment is finished with an application of moisturizer or lotion. Body wraps can also be referred to as body masks.

Body wrap treatments that include mud, clay, seaweed or algae are detoxifiers and help rid the body of any bad toxins by stimulating the metabolism. Treatments that include creams and lotions help to hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

To learn more about how to incorporate body wraps into your massage therapy sessions, register for our Body Wraps Class scheduled for March 4, 2016. Body wraps are one of the fastest growing modalities of the massage industry!

Our body wrap class on March 4th will equip the therapist with the necessary knowledge and hands on instruction needed, so that you may incorporate this spa treatment into your existing practice and menu of services! Please note that this is a dry room treatment.

We will discuss any contra-indications that may arise for a body wrap treatment, and you will be able to experience, as well as administer a treatment, leaving confident and relaxed. Call us for more info or to register, or register at /events/body-wraps-class/

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