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In recent years, it was common for massage therapists and spas to use the word detox or detoxification in treatment descriptions. The massage and spa industry were correct in using the word “detox” because one goal of massage is to lessen toxicity within the body, and a good massage/body treatment or spa treatment can easily do that. Today the word detox has often been replaced by wellness.

Wellness is now a popular buzz word in the hotel and travel market as more and more consumers are looking to vacation in ways that promote wellness. We are currently in the midst of a continually growing wellness movement.  Even if wellness is not the sole purpose of a trip, travelers have an interest in maintaining wellness during their vacation. They look for ways to maintain their lifestyle while away from home. This could be in the form of a healthy menu at a restaurant, extensive exercise facilities and other recreational activities.

When at home and work, people look for ways to make healthier choices, such as eating healthy, exercising, choosing organic foods, and avoiding harsh chemicals in cleaning products. What does all of this mean to us? It may be time to frame some of your massage and spa offerings around the whole concept of wellness. Our clients’ mindset and expectations are changing and it’s better to be prepared.

Try bundling wellness services. Include modalities that you could bring into your practice – whether you get trained in them, or you partner with someone in your area. Some ideas to consider including are acupuncture, energy work (shiatsu, thai, reiki), mental coaching, and alternative offerings (biofeedback, detox foot baths, saunas).  It’s much more convenient for wellness clients to stop at one location and get a number of treatments that are offered to them. This allows them to easily add variety and accomplish their physical, mental and spiritual needs – all without a lot of fuss or expenditure of their time.

If you aren’t comfortable partnering with another professional, consider combining treatments that have a wide range of benefits that the client can do in 1-2 hours. For example, offer a massage package that includes exfoliation treatments that you can do in a dry room, or Himalayan salt stone massage where the salt has so many more benefits than just holding heat. You can add a foot detox bath, some essential oils, a foot scrub or sauna to your list of treatments to enhance what a client can do in a short period of time. Incorporate treatments that will make it a great experience for your guests.

Time is a precious commodity. We all seem to have less and less time. Offering more wellness services can bring more clients into your business, as well as help to increase the wellness and quality of life of the clients you already have.

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