InstructorJim Funk
TypeOnsite Course
DateSep 29, 2018 - Sep 30, 2018
Place2834 Loch Raven Road Baltimore, MD 21218
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September 29-30, 2018 (Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm)
16 CEUs = $275  ( $300 after August 29, 2018 ) 
Instructed by Jim Funk

The Forearm Fusion foundation course was designed for the massage therapist!  This modality was created to teach therapists how to use maximum pressure with minimal effort or strain, thus preventing repetitive use injuries and burnout.  Forearm Fusion will teach new and experienced therapists foundations for great body mechanics and how to use all aspects of the forearm and elbow. These techniques will allow the therapist to provide their clients with a custom massage.

New and seasoned therapists will effectively use their bodies by applying maximum pressure with minimal effort or strain. Forearm Fusion™ will save your body and make massage easy, no matter what your client is looking for, without the use of your hands or thumbs!

This class includes lecture, hands-on practice, and practical application of this modality. Students are asked to bring a set of sheets and a large towel to the class.​​

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