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ABMP Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) is a national membership association that goes above and beyond great liability insurance to make it easier for massage and bodywork practitioners and students to succeed. Founded in 1987, ABMP is the largest massage therapy membership organization in the country. Visit the AMBP website.

AMTA The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. It is the most trusted and respected name in massage therapy. Visit the AMTA website.

Bamboo-Fusion Nathalie Cecilia is the creator and master of Bamboo Massage Therapy. Many of Nathalie’s clients were asking for deep tissue treatment. She soon began to experience pain and fatigue in her hands and wrists. When she started using bamboo to assist her with deep tissue work, she noticed that her pain subsided and her clients loved it. She developed an innovative way to give bamboo massage on the table (Bamboo-Fusion) and in the chair, meanwhile creating her own bamboo set to give the massage. Her goal today is to help therapists provide deep massage without pain. This technique aids in avoiding repetitive injuries, such as carpal tunnel, and reduces the stress on thumbs, wrists and hands. Visit the Bamboo-Fusion website.

Forearm Fusion Forearm Fusion™ is advanced forearm techniques developed to enhance career longevity. The goal is to teach therapists how to better utilize their forearms and various aspects of their elbows as well as optimizing and improving body mechanics. New and seasoned therapists will effectively use their bodies by applying maximum pressure with minimal effort or strain. Forearm Fusion™ will save your body and make massage easy, no matter what your client is looking for, without the use of your hands or thumbs! This two day class, and advanced class, was designed by Jim Funk, LMT. Visit the Forearm Fusion website.

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