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CPR & AED Training
22 May 2018

Massage Therapists & CPR Training

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Imagine this. During a massage appointment, your client experiences cardiac arrest. What do you do? Of course you call 911. However, what do you do until help arrives?

Are you confident in that CPR course you took many years ago? Did you know that CPR methods have changed? Are you able to do everything in your power to help your client until the paramedics arrive?

Taking a CPR course to keep your certification current is not only wise, but it can save lives. The life you save, using CPR, will most likely be someone you care about and let’s be honest…we care about out clients. Effective CPR delivered immediately after sudden cardiac arrest will double or triple the chance of a person’s survival.

If you missed our most recent Adult CPR/AED course, no worries! We are holding another class on June 18th from 1:15-4:15pm.  This class will teach therapists how to effectively perform CPR, use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and be able to appropriately respond to a breathing emergency. The certification is valid for a 2-year period following the completion of this course.

Please call 610-705-4401 to register and learn how YOU can save a life!

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