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Stretching Techniques
12 Apr 2018

Stretching Techniques

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Clients love when you go the extra mile and stretching covers that mile!  We are holding a Stretching Techniques class on April 27, 2018.

In this class, students will learn how to stretch a particular muscle group that may ail their clients.  Stretching tips and body mechanics will be addressed along with a review of muscle origin, insertion, and actions.  Quads, erectors, and hamstrings are some of the muscle groups we will cover.  This class includes lecture, demonstration, and hands-on portions.

Incorporating stretching into your massage therapy sessions with clients can help them to feel better and find better overall flexibility. Stretching is more important than ever! Muscle injuries are very common and often are what bring a client to see a massage therapist.

People are more sedentary than years ago, leading to ever increased issues with flexibility and muscle injuries. This is why stretching is so important. Stretching is an effective way to undo damage caused by inactivity and is a great addition to a massage.

Regularly scheduled massage appointments can greatly improve client flexibility and range of motion. Massage keeps joints more fluid and makes them less susceptible to injury. Adding a few minutes of stretching during the massage gets the blood flowing to muscles. Stretching helps these muscles to avoid spasms and tightness.

Learn about the best stretching techniques to incorporate into a massage! Register for Stretching Techniques on April 27 by calling 610-705-4401 or registering online. There are still a few spaces left in this class so please register soon!

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