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Text Neck Class Sept 23
28 Aug 2018

Technology and Pain!

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Technology. Can it cause pain? Absolutely!

Spending hours at a desk, hunched over a computer or texting all day on a phone. These types of repetitive activities can cause stress and strain on the neck, back, and shoulders., resulting in pain that can become unbearable.

The Text Neck and Commuter-Computer Dysfunction class looks at current use of mobile-hand and lap-desk technology and the body pain that arises from poor posture, repetitive use and structural imbalances.  Massage therapists are seeing an increasing failure of function in bodies of the mobile-techy, commuter-computer clients.

This class will give you added skills in addressing the issues in the tissues! Learn techniques for head pain from forward head posture, low back/hip pain from extensive commuting or sitting, hand/arm strain and shoulder/neck tension from extensive texting or desk-laptop use.

Students will explore specific muscular dysfunction supported by assessment tools and learn how to address body dysfunction with therapeutic massage and other complementary therapies. Demonstration along with shared bodywork time with techniques to address:

  • cross-pattern strains,
    • repetitive use injuries,
    • low back/hip pain,
    • headaches and eye strain,
    • forward head posture dysfunction.
    • proper ergonomics for desk or handheld devices

Rehabilitative strengthening and lengthening exercises will be shared so the therapist can educate clients for self-care.

This Text Neck and Commuter-Computer Dysfunction class will be held on September 23, 2018 from 9am-6pm. Call now to register at 610-705-4401.

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