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31 Mar 2018

Enhance Massage with Spa Services

If you’ve ever had a client calling to ask if you offer services such as body scrubs, muds or other spa treatments, and had to say no, think about this for a moment. If a client goes to a spa to get these types of treatments, she may then decide to get her massage there too. It’s easier than you think to include spa add-ons in your massage therapy business to take your massage to the next level. When you offer additional spa treatments you can really lull your clients into a blissful state of relaxation.  Here are just several treatments that can enhance your massage services for your clients…

Scrubs and muds: The supplies you’ll need to offer spa scrub or mud treatments are minimal. Once you apply a scrub or mud to the client, use warm towels to remove the treatment. There are also waterless muds available that peel off with minimal mess or cleanup. A thermal blanket to cover the client while mud is on the body is another inexpensive option to enhance the experience. Putting a warm towel over the client’s face at the end of a massage can open up sinuses after the client has been lying down.

Dry brushing and exfoliating:  Dry skin brushing stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, which aids in detoxification. If the body’s lymphatic system is not working properly, waste and toxins can build up, causing illness. Dry brushing also increases circulation, exfoliates skin, offers stress relief, invigorates the body and can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Hot stone: Hot stone massage is often thought of as a spa treatment, but if properly trained in the technique, list it under both massage services and spa add-ons to enhance the offerings to clients. Traditional hot stones aren’t the only option; there are now battery-operated rechargeable hot stones available, heated mitts, warm bamboo, and heated shells.

Paraffin: Paraffin treatments are an excellent way to add a spa experience to your practice. Once you invest in a paraffin warmer, you’ll find the cost per treatment to be minimal. Paraffin feels great to people who suffer from arthritis in their hands, and those who have cracked, dry skin.  Paraffin treatments can also be done on the feet or elbows or painted on to any part of the body with a body brush.

We are holding a Spa Add-On Class on April 28, 2018 from 9am-5pm. In this class we will cover many different dry room spa add-on treatments such as dry brushing and exfoliating, foot soaks, sugar scrubs, paraffin dips, and mud masks.  We will also cover basic room set up as well as cleaning and sanitizing your instruments.  This is a very hands-on class, so get ready to have fun! Students, please bring a set of sheets, headband, large bath towel, and two hand towels.  There is a minimum of six students required to hold this class; any less may warrant a change in class date.

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