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18 Sep 2017

Table Thai Massage

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Table Thai is Thai bodywork performed on the massage table instead of on the floor with a mat. It combines a variety of stretching movements applied slowly; in patterns of gentle rocking and rhythmic muscle compressions, joint mobilization and acupressure points.

Table Thai brings the incredible benefits of Thai Massage to the comforts of a massage table. This type of massage allows massage therapists to reach out to a mainstream audience. Table Thai makes it easier for individuals with physical restrictions to receive Thai massage. Due to mobility issues, a traditional Thai massage on a mat may be prohibitive for the elderly as well as clients with mobility issues.

Massage therapists accustomed to providing Thai Massage on a mat will appreciate these upright techniques because it alleviates pressure on the knees and teaches techniques for massaging in greater comfort.

Table Thai has numerous benefits. Table Thai aids in muscle relaxation and helps to increase muscle flexibility and mobility. Table Thai massage can also help to improve posture, balance and help to correct body alignment. Clients suffering from muscle inflammation and lower back pain can also benefit from Table Thai.

Table Thai helps clients to relax and incorporates long deep breathing from the diaphragm throughout the session. Deep breathing helps a client to relax his or her mind, body and soul. A significant part of Table Thai also includes yoga-like stretches.

We are holding a two-day Table Thai class October 16th and 17th. Learn how to incorporate a fully clothed session into your everyday practice – perfect for those clients who are nervous to disrobe for a full body massage.  You’ll learn about the Sen Lines (energy meridian pathways), breathing techniques to assist with movement for both the practitioner and client, a variety of techniques that are usually done with a traditional Thai mat (but on the table).  This class will work the therapists’ hands, legs, knees, and feet, while working with the client in the supine, prone, and side lying positions. Please contact us for more information at 610-705-4401 or register online.

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